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New Release: Chinese For Kids First Practice Strokes Ages 4+

The best time to start writing Chinese strokes is not based only on age, but when a child is comfortable with pre-writing skills which include vertical (standing) lines, horizontal (sleeping) lines, circle shape, cross shape, square shape, right or left diagonal lines, "X" shape and triangle shape. Growing Hands on Kids has a great introduction to pre-writing skills with videos and explanations.

Chinese For Kids First Practice Strokes Ages 4+ teaches common basic and compound strokes used in writing Chinese words. Extra large grids and stroke order diagrams provide an easy layout for kids to learn how to write their first Chinese strokes and words.

This workbook will allow children to:

  • Practice Chinese writing strokes with pre-writing exercises.

  • Recognize and color Chinese characters.

  • Trace Chinese characters by following stroke order diagrams.

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