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How to Use Chinese for Kids Workbooks

Kids are amazing sponges who absorb knowledge anywhere at any time, but sometimes have short attention spans. Chinese For Kids workbooks uses large grids and mini exercises to make learning Chinese less tedious. Each book is conveniently compact at 7 inches by 10 inches and sized just for little hands.

Here are some quick and easy tips on how to use the workbooks:

  1. Children can color the black and white pictures with their favorite colors.

  2. Add bright colors to the Chinese characters by tracing with colored pencils, crayons, and colored pens.

  3. Ask your child to say the words aloud as they trace or write.

  4. Have your child grade their own writing by asking them add check marks and happy faces on the finished page.

  5. Talk about the Chinese characters and try to use them in your environment.

  6. Allow children to write at their own pace.


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